01/10/2019-31/12/2019 Collettiva "INGOMBRI dell'Altro/Altrove" a cura di Giorgio DeFinis c/o

MACRO Asilo di Roma Via Nizza 138, partecipo con l'opera "che Razza di Razzo

01/08/2019 Residenza d'Arte presso MAAM Museo dell'Altro e dell'Altrove, dove ho realizzato l'installazione "Grasso che Kola" presenti in forma permanente nel Museo capitolino.

10/04/2019 Personnel at Nhero Milano for Design Week Milan via Vittor Pisani Milan, works exhibited "Rust leaves and Corps de Ball".

08/04/2019 Collective at Hernandez Art Gallery via Copernico, 8 Milan, exhibited works "Marmittin Pescatore".

04/04/2019 Collective at Lawrance Gallery Oraniemburger Strasse 69 Berlin (DE), works exhibited "Frida and Inferno Pop"

REBIRTH FORUM ROME 2019 from 24 to 26 January 2019 the work was carried out on the occasion of the Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto meeting held at the MACRO Asylum Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, where today the work resides in a permanent form.

05/06/2018 Collective "Insieme senza Muri", together with the exhibition "Lastra di Foglie di Rustine" at Speranza X Milan, Via Veglia, 49 Milan MM Lilla

11/06/2017 Collective “MArte” at cascina Martesana via Luigi Bertelli, 44 Milan exhibited work Yegua

06/02/2017 Staff: At City Art Via Dolomiti, 11 MM 1 Turro Milan. "Inferno Pop".

02/07/2016 Personal photo exhibition: At the cultural association ChiAma Milan Via Laghetto 2 Milan, title exhibition "Cetacean Urban".

05/2016 Exhibition: At the zone council 2 Viale Zara 100 Milano, exhibition title Basa-Menti title work "Mondo InFame".

06/2016 Permanent: At the Turro P.le farm, Provisional Government Milan, with the work "Mondo InFame".

04/2015 Exhibition: Outside the Salone for the Furniture Fair at Monopoli Via della Spiga Milan, the exhibition "Le Galinette" is exhibited

04/2016 Exhibition: Flagship Alessi s.p.a. Via Manzoni 14 Milan, the works "le Galinette" are exhibited.

02/2015 Exhibition: Flagship Alessi s.p.a. Via Manzoni 14 Milan, the sculpture "LEI" is exhibited.

04/2014 Exhibition: Outside the Salone for the Furniture Fair at La Cordata Via San Vittore “ZONA SANT’AMBROGIO” Arte D Recupero is exhibited.

06/2013 Announcement: announced by the CS&L solidarity and work consortium on behalf of the SITUABLE association for the creation of a web series that deals with the job placement of a mentally disabled person. Announcement won. References and reviews at www.facebook.com/biglionair/timeline www.youtube.com/watch?v=F903NftBpW0

01/2004 Collective: organized by www.dieselwall.com for emerging artists, I participate with the work "REGINA" placing me among the first 20. Work to be visited at "frivolezze.free.fr"

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