Title: RAZZA

Technique: punches recovered from the sets of television broadcasts

Year: 2019

Dimensions cm: b 52 x 32 h 29 ø 22 Description: Razza wants to be in relationship between the consciousness and the evolutionary rapidity of the man told in a portrait that I decided to create without the skullcap "fontanelle".


From the moment of birth until the first year of life, the human race is devoid of the skullcap "fontanelle", therefore it is thought that in this first year, man is strongly exposed to all the information that surrounds him. Unlike man, the animals that inhabit our planet, at birth have the perfectly formed skullcap "fontanelle", it is thought that from the maternal womb they have received all the information necessary to be able to live in harmony with nature, so much so that as soon as born already they can support themselves on their legs and in some cases, they are ready to follow the herd in long migrations.

Razza tells how at an unconscious level man is highly manipulable.

In our first year of life our subconscious will absorb all the information that surrounds us, defining our character. So much so that today a two-year-old child is already familiar with the technology we use in everyday life, so we understand how, from generation to generation, our learning capacity is supported from the first year of life. From here we understand why the human race has evolved exponentially in comparison with any other animal species. In our daily lives we are bombarded with information and in an increasingly invasive way, even in this case we can think that the more we have access to information, the more quickly we evolve. Therefore, the work was intentionally created with punches used for the scenographies of a very famous television information broadcast aired in prime time, the transmission offers a public information service accompanied by ballets of beautiful half-naked girls, jokes, political satire, all interrupted by commercials. A perfect overdose of "dementia resets thoughts", served at dinner time so as to counter the family union. In this way we go to standardize the thought of the community, directing the needs of individuals to a globalized economic system.

A gear in place of the pineal gland in the work, suggests the importance for the individual of awareness of himself.


At the base of our brain there is the pineal gland, a gland that is fundamental for the well-being of the individual and which serves to regulate the flow of melatonin at night. The appearance of this gland appears as an eye of Horus, depicted by the ancient Egyptians in their hieroglyphics, for some religions this image also represents the third eye and consequently the ability to bring harmony between body and soul through yoga practices and of meditation, in this way the calcification of the pineal gland is avoided, giving great benefits to the body and its functions during cell aging. The practice of meditation is also recognized as a method to awaken our unconscious, through this practice, in fact, it would enter into harmony with its own organism, creating vibrations that start precisely from the pineal gland, capable of raising us to an unconscious level of vigil, the Frequent practice of this activity is surprising in its effectiveness and it acts so much on the ability to remain calm and consequently ponder our decisions in the best way.