Episodio 1



Write and direct by Roger Ranko.


With: Simone Natalizio, Cav. Romano Foroni, Ivana Kerecki, Mauro Felisatti, Mauro Morosi, Fabrizio De Gaetano, Raffaele Kohler, Francesco Seminara, Pierfrancesco Modesti, Simone Da Sois, Laura Berni, Christian Cherrubini, Paolo Cerruto, Silvia Tonizzo, Marco Bocola, Belka, Eleonora Ricca, Luca Tongiorgi, COMPARSE: Alessandra Ticchiati, Roger Ranko.


Style: Commedy/Drama web serie - 28 minuts - Italian production. Year 2013


Music of: Distimia, Raffaele Kohler, Hugo"Droopy"Contini, Jazz'fixie, Blue Drag, Fuzzy Tunes, Gobodobro, La Borgia, Geoff lapp Trio, Lucas Jimenez, Bruce H. McCosar,  Intrigo Internazionale.     


Production:  Bigmagma


Synopsis Biglio is a mentally disabled person. The story told by this web series of five episodes takes place within a company in Brianza, where the protagonist is inserted through an internship to find a job placement ... and human. Going through small misadventures and some settling crises, Biglio learns a job and at the same time teaches "able" people how each of us can be, in its uniqueness, a great resource. Roger Ranko, in his first job as director and author, inserts in this project several very current and "timeless" themes: employment, prejudice, mental illness, friendship, diversity, crisis, opportunities offered by the change. The use of non-professional actors gives the work a particular spontaneity and total realism. The interpretations are in fact natural as it is a normal day at work in any company. No forcing. No stiffness. Ranko seems to be looking for a direct thread with everyday life in all its facets and unexpected events, keeping the camera's focus on the humanity of the characters. There is no lack of original dreamlike inserts made in stop motion, a technique used in a deliberately crafted way to emphasize the idea of ​​recovery inherent in the creative research of the director, as well as the sets, conceived and built by the same. Particular attention also to the photography that was conceived according to the availability of the production, Roger Ranko's experience in the field of reportage photography, led to the choice to use only natural light, this was possible thanks to the beautiful structure where filming was done. What Biglio shows us is so complex to understand how simple to put into practice: each of us is different, each of us has merits and defects, each of us can give something and can put to good use his abilities, as far as they go from socially defined standards. "Anyone is a genius," said Einstein, "but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life believing it to be stupid."

Soundtrack of: ENSEMBLE INTERNATIONAL INTRIGO: IVAN ROSAS: Direction, original compositions, bass, guitar and vocals. RAFFAELE KOHLER: Trumpet and flugelhorn NADIO MARENCO: Accordion

Episodio 2

Episodio 3

Episodio 4

Episodio 5

4 elephants in side a fiat 500

Packeging II live


Coffee grounds

The plastic bag fruit

Video flyer for Made in MaGe, Milan's first business startup, Roger Ranko deals with the scenography of the set design and direction. BigMagma production

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