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ritratto 25.jpg

“I collect what is thrown rediscovering a potential treasure.

I cherish it, I cuddle it, I venerate it and let it decant by dwelling on it.

I enjoy owning it and transforming it into narrative works that tell emotions”.

Roger Ranko

Making sculptures has distant roots that start from my interest in the conservation of the territory and respect for the environment. 
My obsessive idea of taking care of the world has focused on the use of discarded, abandoned, lost materials. An ideal attempt to stop the production of new objects and to give the old ones a second chance, by creating art pieces that highlights environmental problems. 
Iron recovered in landfills, in abandoned factories, in construction sites is one my favorite materials.
A product that wears the signs and the patina of time, but remains firm and strong. Just perfect for creating sculptures of big impact and emotional strength.

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